Located in Pisco: International airport Capitán Renán Elias Olivera



406 masl (ft. 1,332)3,827 masl (12,555 f)



Dry and sunny. (Max. 36°C / 96°F - Min. 7°C / 44.60°F)

Ica, city located in the middle of Peru, at the south of Lima. It has a quiet oasis called Huacachina where people can get beautiful landscape photos and practice sand boarding. The national reserve of Paracas is nearby, it is a mix of sea and desert, with animal species like sea lions, gulls, gray seagulls and Humbolt penguins. People visit and study the enigmatic lines of Nazca, giant ground drawings made by Nazca and Paracas people between 300 b. C. and 900 a. C. Ica territory holds an old wine growing tradition and it has many of the best wineries of Peru. The city of Ica will take you on nice rustic trips to the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral, the Regional Museum, the Stone Museum and local candy stores.

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