PUN (Del Castillo Paredes)



3,827 masl (12,555 f)



Cold and semi-dry. (Max. 15°C / 59°F - Min. 1°C / 33.8°F)

Puno is definitely one of the most attractive destinations of Peru and one of the most interesting places in the continent. It has the privilege to be located on the shores of Titicaca lake; it is the highest navigable lake in the world. This nature wonder is 3800 meters above sea level. Puno is known as the folkloric capital of Peru and the Americas for its rich customs and legends, its colorful music, dances and festivals, which are the ultimate expression of the annual festival called Virgen of Candelaria Feast, celebrated every February. One of its greatest attractions is Titicaca lake, which covers part of Peru and Bolivia; it has an area of 8,560 km and its max. depth is 227 meters . It has floating islands, an incredible archipelago of islands woven with natural totora fibers. Its habitants, the Uros, weave and sustain the islands themselves. They are descendants of one of the oldest cultures in America. Taquile island is also very fascinating. Visitors can enjoy authentic experienced-based tourism.


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