Arequipa, southern city located in the valley of Chili river. This city has the best climate in Peru. It is an architectural and artistic treasure full of colonial jewels. It has houses, monasteries and convents of great cultural value, which are made of volcanic rock called sillar. Its traditional religious fervor is represented by the famous Santa Catalina Monastery, which is made with sillar and mud.

According to the literature, Simon Bolivar called Arequipa «the Rome of America» for its particular similarity to the city and maybe for the numerous temples and monasteries, including its magnificent cathedral. Its dazzling cuisine is the focus of local and international tourists. This is why the emblematic rustic restaurants called «picanterias arequipeña» are Cultural Heritage of Peru. They offer typical dishes such as adobo, stuffed rocoto, shrimp soup, cheese cauche and delicious ice cream.



AQP (Rodríguez Ballón)



2,335 masl (7,660 f)



Warm, little rainfall (Max.. 24°C / 75.2°F - Min. 10°C / 45°F)

It is located at the foot of the volcano, and has one of the deepest canyons. Arequipa offers attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. The city of Arequipa, built with stones emanated by Misti, is a treasure full of colonial jewels, delicious traditional dishes and a religious fervor illustrated in its monasteries and convents. Kayaking, trekking or mountain cycling are sports that can be practiced at different intensity levels. In Arequipa you can find excitement at its maximum level.

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