Anniversary of foundation of Lima

The celebration of this anniversary surrounds the city of Lima with an atmosphere of great joy. Thousands of people go to the Main Square of Lima, well decorated with lights, music and party.
A lot of musical, cultural and artistic shows are held with the participation of renowned artists.
The city of Lima, known initially as «City of Kings», was founded on January 18, 1535 by Francisco Pizarro.


January 18


Festival of the Virgin of the Candelaria

This festival was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. It represents the greatest manifestation, cultural, musical, dance and religious of Peru and America, due to the number of symbols and artistic-cultural manifestations of the Quechua, Aymara and Mestizo cultures. The celebration begins on February 1, with the celebration of a Mass at dawn, followed by an ancestral purification ceremony. It highlights the celebration of a liturgical act to then carry the image of the Virgin of Candelaria and walk in procession along the streets of the city with the accompaniment of traditional dances and music.


The whole month


The Peruvian carnivals are marked by the joy and participation of the population. The yunza, known as umisha in the jungle or cortamonte, consists of artificially planting a tree loaded with gifts, around which people until cut down the with the cuts of a machete or ax. The couple that cut down the tree is in charge of the organization of the next year’s yunza.
Across the country it is very popular to play to throw water to people. The carnival regions that distinguish themselves by their joy and organization are Junín, Áncash, Madre de Dios, Ayacucho, Tacna, Ucayali, Cajamarca and Huánuco.

All of Peru


Ica International Harvest Festival

It is a festival in which people celebrates the grape harvest and also unifies art and culture with shows, international artists’ parades and the coronation of the festival queen. For several days, tourists can participate in activities such as the Route of the Lagares, which consists of the rituals of pisa grape and the tasting of the best national wines and pisco, and also enjoy the delicious typical dishes of the southern city. There will also be agricultural and craft fairs with various daily artistic shows to entertain the audience.


2nd week of March

Holy Week

The Holy Week of Ayacucho is the second most important celebration in the world. The city is known for celebrating this festivity with unwavering. Ayacucho has 33 churches and presents the most fervent Andean staging of the Via Crucis with a set of daily processions through the streets of the city. It receives thousands of national and international tourists; attendees can enjoy music, dance and gastronomy.

All of Peru

2nd week of March


National Paso Horses Competition

The National Contest of Peruvian Paso Horse is an event held in Mamacona, located in the district of Lurín, Lima. The Peruvian Paso horse is the result of the crossing of Spanish and Berber races for 300 years. Its pace consists of a series of synchronized movements of the front and back legs in parallel, which has made it one of the most beautiful and elegant specimens in the world.


2nd week of March


Lord of Muruhuay

The image of the Crucified Lord, painted in the foothills of Mount Shalacoto, receives on this date the veneration of thousands of pilgrims. In this celebration, some ancient rituals are still alive, like rites to the water, the earth and the stone. On the central day, a solemn Mass is held in Quechua and then the believers deposit a «letter to God», asking for miracles or thanking for the favors granted. The organizers usually offer a lunch with typical dishes to the visitors and the teams of dancers.


The whole month

Virgin of Chapi

Pilgrimage that crosses the Arequipa desert to venerate the Virgin of the Purification or Virgin of Chapi. The pilgrims carry stones of different sizes with which they build “apachetas”, a group of stones that symbolize the sins of the devotees. In the evenings, the image of the miraculous Virgin, that will be in procession, is watched with countless candles. There are also fireworks shows and typical viands are offered.


May 1


Corpus Christi

Procession of the images of 15 patron saints very venerated in the city. Musicians Bands and folk groups are part of the processions. The typical and classic dish of this holiday is the «chiri uchu» (roasted cuy with cecina, roasted corn, rocoto, parboiled chicken, cheese, cochayuyo, sausage, fish egg and corn tortilla). On the main day all saints and virgins go out in procession around the main square, and then the images enter the Cathedral to perform a greeting.


14th and 15th of June

Raymi Llaqta Festival of the Chachapoya

The Raymi Llaqta, the great festival of the Chachapoya, is celebrated in the month of June in the department of Amazonas. The traditional festival brings together hundreds of peasants and natives who present the most amazing artistic and cultural expressions of the region, preserving the original and mystical customs inherited from the pre-Inca civilization of the Chachapoya.
Enjoy parades with typical costumes, dishes from local cuisine such as purtumute, chococa or cooked beans, and know the agricultural activities that are done in the region. Do not miss the opportunity to attend this week of celebration in the central square of Amazonas


1st week

Inti Raymi

The Inti Raymi or «Sun Festival» is one of the most important festivities of the imperial city of Cusco. This wonderful spectacle made in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman is celebrated every June 24 and aims to pay homage to the Sun God, supreme symbol of worship in the Inca culture. At present, there are about 750 actors, who represent their ancestors with the same fervor of centuries ago.


June 24


Patriotic Holidays

Throughout the patriotic country celebrations held to remember the declaration of the Independence of Peru (July 28, 1821). In Lima, as well as in the various cities of Peru, and even in some remote towns, the houses are decked with Peruvian flags since the first days of the month. On the night of the 27th, serenades of folk and criollo music are held in various plazas and parks. The dawn of the 28 is greeted with 21-gun salute, as a preamble of the ceremony of raising the flag and then the Te Deum ceremony is celebrated in the Cathedral of Lima, with the assistance of the President of the Republic. It ends on 29 with the famous Military Parade. In various places in the interior of the country, agricultural fairs are held (Cajamarca, Piura, Monsefú) along with three parties that mark the soul of criollismo: cockfights, bullfights and Peruvian Paso Horses exhibitions.

All of Peru

28 and 29 of July


Santa Rosa de Lima

This celebration takes place on August 30 and celebrates the day of Holy Patron of the Americas and the Philippines. On this day the faithful visit his shrine and the hermitage she built.


August 31

Anniversary of the city of Arequipa

This festival is very important for all the Arequipa citizens because they celebrate with pride and fervor one more year of its foundation. The celebrations and activities begin a week before the central day, in it the villagers and tourists enjoy fun parades, going through the main avenues. They will also learn more about the art of this region at craft fairs and the handmade sillar contest.
During these holidays, attendees can enjoy the International Festival of Folk Dances.


August 15


International Spring Festival

This spring festival is one of the most representative of the city of Trujillo and lives up to the nickname of City of the eternal Spring. The festival is one of the most important in the country and attracts the assistance of thousands of tourists in the world. The main attraction is a traditional spring parade, in which queens of beauty participate; And a large and competitive parade of floats.



The Lord of Miracles

Like every October, Peru dresses purple to worship the Christ of Pachacamilla, better known as the Lord of Miracles, whose prodigious image is worshiped by thousands of faithful who wear their purple habits and scapulars to ask for Its miracles, thus becoming one of the most popular religious manifestations in the world. Thousands of faithful dressed in purple habits sing and pray accompanying the image in procession. The date is favorable to enjoy the nougat of Dona Pepa and the delicious picarones. In honor of the Moreno also begins, in the Plaza de Acho, the bullfighting fair with the most prestigious bullfighters of Spain and America


The whole month

Peruvian Creole Song’s Day

This celebration rescues Peruvian Creole music as part of the country’s cultural identity with tributes, concerts and parties. Among the most popular places are the traditional «peñas».

All of Peru

31 October


Anniversary of Puno

Puno, also known as «The Silver City», celebrates its anniversary with a series of activities, among which are: civic, cultural and dance exhibitions, Great Serenade to Puno, XXXIV Regional Competition of Music and Students Centers of Puno, Staging and Ritual of the Origin of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, Rally of Caminos del Inca, among others.

All of the Peru

November 31

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