FD Kuelap Fortress with Cable Car

Visited Areas

Macro viewpoint, Kuelap Fortress


Transportation, guide, cable car, entry ticket, lunch.


All year round.

In the morning, we will go to Kuelap, a majestic architectural site built by the Chachapoyas. On our way, we will make a brief stop for a panoramic view of the Macro Archaeological site, also known as «Macro Towers» for its characteristic design. Macro is located on the side of a hill overlooking Utcubamba river. As follows we will go to Nuevo Tingo town, where we will board the bus that will take us to the Cable Car station. Once on board the modern cable cars, a short and safe trip will take us to the starting point of the visit to Kuelap. We may climb on foot or on horseback to the «Fortress», which is built on top of the Cerro Barreta (3,000 m.a.s.l.).

Kuelap is a place surrounded by beautiful landscapes; at first, it seems inaccessible since it is protected by colossal walls and cliffs on three of its four sides. It has three platforms, and inside they have circular buildings decorated with rhomboidal and zigzag friezes. Its complex interior architecture, indicates it was a well-organized population group. The surrounding landscape and the natural scenarios makes it unforgettable. We will return to Nuevo Tingo town for lunch. Then return to Chachapoyas city.

Horse: Maximum weight: 100 kg. On rainy days, you can not use horses because the roads are very slippery. For preventive maintenance, the Cable Car will not provide service on scheduled dates.

Full day

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