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HD Sillar Route

Visited Areas

Canteras Vírgenes and Canteras de Añashuayco


Transport, guide, entrance fee to Canteras Canteras Vírgenes and Canteras de Añashuayco.


All year round.

We will pass through the quarries to fully understand the origin of how Arequipa´s historical center was built.

We will visit an enigmatic place called Quebrada de Culebrillas, it is a virgin, mystic and extraordinary quarry formed by water and air erosion during many centuries, it is a narrow path that causes sensations of mystery and majesty. What´s more you will be able to find some petroglyphs.

We will also visit some quarries in use where you will see with your own eyes the ancestral extraction process of big blocks as well as ashlar´s carving done by stonecutters using some primitive tools such as a clowbar, a rope and a cold chisel. You will get surprised to see how these hard working masters carve La Compañia de Jesus Church´s facade in the outcrop showing their stonecutting abilities and skills.


4 Hrs.

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