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Peruvian cuisine is extraordinary and diverse. Ask for recommendations in places where you go and avoid eating too much if you visit high altitude areas. For some people, the food here is very spicy or heavily seasoned, so keep this in mind.
If you don’t want to take your shopping with you during the entire trip, you can go shopping in Lima, there are excellent stores with the best crafts in the country.
Peru uses a 220 voltage. Most 4-star hotels now also use 110 voltage.
Water in Peru could be treated differently than in your country, we suggest drinking bottled water.
Taxis in Peru do not have taximeters, you need to ask for the fare beforehand, and if necessary negotiate it. In case you decide to take a taxi, we suggest requesting the services of a well-known taxi company, or better request a taxi from the hotel or restaurant receptions.
Especially in some cities like Cusco, Puno or Arequipa, the weather can be very extreme and unpredictable. We suggest wearing layers of clothes to fight cold temperatures and the wind.

Why choose Viajes Pacifico?

Proven experience •
24/7 operational response •
Specialized consultancy by a highly qualified team •
Exclusive excursions, individual languages •
Creativity and innovation in product development •
Own transport fleet •
Liability Insurance Policy for our operations •
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you identify us upon our arrival?

A uniformed and identified Viajes Pacífico representative will be waiting for you at the international flights area, which you will exit after picking up your baggage. This person will hold a sign with your name or group name.

When contacting a Viajes Pacífico representative, is it necessary to show a voucher or receipt?

No, you should only identify yourself. Our staff has detailed information regarding all the services that our clients have requested; we do this in order to avoid discomfort and facilitate their arrival process.

What kind of assistance will I receive upon arrival?

International arrival services provided by Viajes Pacífico include baggage assistance, a representative checks that all entry documentation is in order and gives you some documents with the detailed itinerary, baggage identification and other useful formats. In addition to this, a brief city guide is provided, the schedule is briefly reviewed and practical advice is given to improve your stay.

Do I need to have a receipt for each service?

No. In order to provide a better service, everything is coordinated beforehand, and receipts are sent electronically to all our suppliers; therefore, we avoid loss receipts, reduce paper prints, as part of our environmental protection policy, and it maximizes your experience by worrying less. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Why do I need to show my identity card and immigration card when registering at hotels?

When registering at hotels, it is necessary to present your identity card or passport with the entry stamp, plus the Andean immigration card, because we will make a copy of those and request the exemption from the general sales tax (18%) which is not charged in our quotes given to foreign visitors (non-residents), whose stay does not exceed 60 consecutive days.


• Peru has been voted «Leading Culinary Destination in the World» by the World Travel Awards for 5 consecutive years.
• Peruvian cuisine has unique flavors, such as cebiche, considered the ultimate mix of simplicity and flavor.
• Most popular dishes are lomo saltado (salted beef), ají de gallina, carapulcra, anticuchos, tacu tacu, seco and arroz con pato (rice and duck).
• Pisco, a grape liquor, is the undisputed star, next to pisco sour, which is a frozen cocktail based on pisco, lemon, sugar, egg white and Angostura bitters.

What to bring
Besides bringing the appropriate garments for the average temperature in each city, we suggest bringing the following items on your list:
– Warm clothes for night time
– Comfortable shoes
– Hat
– Sun cream
– Insect repellent
– Copy of your passport
– Walking stick
– Sleeping bag
– Extra batteries
– Sandals.
– Swimsuit.
– Neoprene boots or shoes (for canoeing or kayaking)
– Light and long pants
– Long-sleeve shirts
– Binoculars.

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